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Personalized Learning

At Assumption Catholic School we believe that every child is created in the image and likeness of God. Each of their unique skills and talents should be nurtured, cultivated, and celebrated. Every challenge they face provides an opportunity for growth, enrichment, and advancement. As a child of God, your child deserves an education as unique as they are. We individualize instruction and give students choice in the pace, place, and path of their education to meet their unique learning goals.

Non-traditional teaching methods and traditional Catholic values make Assumption Catholic School the right fit for your child.

Developing Learners

Your students are guided by teachers to gradually assume responsibility for their own learning and development. Teachers work individually with your child to identify, document, and develop their strengths as learners and children of God. Students meet with teachers to set and track progress towards achieving their own personal and learning goals, increasing their capacity for independent and self-guided learning over time.

Flexible Learning Environment

Students learn through multiple instructional strategies, blending traditional teacher-led instruction, peer collaboration, and individual learning to help each student realize their maximum potential. Flexible instructional models allow teachers to spend more time working with your child individually and in small groups while students spend part of their time learning individually, in groups, and with digital learning platforms. Through this model your child is constantly learning and getting the individualized attention they deserve.

One flexible learning model commonly found in our school is the center-rotation model (right). In this model, teachers give a whole-group mini-lesson followed by teacher-designed centers students rotate through, working individually or in small groups on standards-based learning tasks. In one center, students meet with the teacher individually or in small groups to receive individualized instruction, review learning progress and performance, and set new goals.

Computer Adaptive Learning Platforms

Computer adaptive learning platforms allow for students to work at their own pace on a learning path tailored to their needs. Teachers use these learning platforms to meet your student where they are and help move them forward.

Your student uses Edmentum Exact Path to take a diagnostic assessment at the beginning, middle and end of the school year. This data is used by Exact Path to create a computer generated, individual, learning path for each student. Teachers use this data to create specific skill-based groups for center rotations and provide individualized instruction.

Innovation Zones

Students collaborate and create in an environment built around a STEM [Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math] curriculum with focused activities including robotics, coding, design, visual and digital media, and engineering.

In the innovation zone, your child is using computer-assisted design software, fabrication tools, programming and controlling robots, producing audio and video, and learning about electrical engineering. Students also learn how to stay safe online while being a moral digital and online citizen.