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Student Life Overview

What makes Assumption such a special place?  The answer is simple: our students!  The student body at Assumption is a true reflection of the real world around our campus.  Our students come from diverse multicultural backgrounds.  All are welcomed and accepted.  This diversity creates and environment of energy and excitement in our halls and classrooms.  Students learn to engage with students from many different walks of life. As we learn, worship, work, and play together we create a strong community and learn valuable skills of acceptance and celebration of our differences and similarities.

Selflessly serving others is a pillar of Catholic education.  Every class at Assumption develops and executes at least one service project over the course of the academic year.  We collect over 1000 cans a soup for homeless veterans, sell lemonade to cure childhood cancer, stock shelves and make lunches for a local food pantry, and collect new toys for children in hospitals.  These are a few of the many service projects performed by our generous students.

There are many opportunities for students to participate in the arts at Assumption Catholic School. Many of our programs run the full year and allow students to express themselves in unique ways.  Ballet is offered for our youngest students, band, violin, and professional artist workshops are offered for all.  The entire school participates in a beautiful Christmas concert, talent shows and dramatic performances allow our students to strut their stuff. 

Assumption Catholic School works hard to build community amongst our students and families.  Activities such as the Scarecrow Festival, Turkey Bingo, Breakfast with Santa, Middle School Dances and Recreation Nights allow students to get together outside of the classroom and away from the stress of school.  Parents and students can make lifelong friends and build strong bonds as a school

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