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A strong foundation in faith and learning are crucial to future success in school and beyond.  The early childhood program at Assumption provides the structure, support, and love that only a faith based program can provide. 

Assumption is the only Catholic school in Fairfield to offer a program for three year olds.  We are also the only school offering full day programs for both three and four year olds.  Children learn to love school.  They thrive on the high expectations of behavior and academic work. 

It is not all business in the preschool.  Students learn through active play and exploration.  They are guided and encouraged to be good friends and to practice their faith and respect for others. 

We see our preschool as an investment in our future.  We design our curriculum to build and prepare our students for success in our elementary school.  Unlike private daycares or preschools we are preparing our little ones to be our kindergarteners and our graduates.  Assumption makes the long term investment in the well being and success of your child because we want them to be our alumni.