Academics » Grade 6-8

Grade 6-8

Students graduate from Assumption with the skills and tools needed to succeed in the high school of their choosing.  The middle school is departmentalized, meaning that students have a homeroom and change classes throughout the day.  

English Language Arts is taught in a double period block each day.  This allows the teacher to creatively use the time to allow for in-depth understanding and mastery of grammar, vocabulary, literature and writing. 

Science and Social Studies meet on alternating double period blocks.  This means that students will have these classes every other day for a double period.  With this model, students can work on hands on activities, labs, projects, and investigations in science class.  During social studies they can complete research projects, prepare projects, and perform simulations.

Courses that require more regular meeting and repetition, such as foreign language, religion, and mathematics meet for a shorter period of time, but on a daily basis. 

In addition to the core courses, middle school students also take Technology, music, art, and physical education (twice per week).  To help our students meet with success, all students have access to new Chromebooks and individualized Google accounts to receive, complete, and submit assignments electronically from any device with an internet connection.  With an upgraded wifi network and one-to-one access to Chromebooks, the entire middle school student body can be online working simultaneously.

Assumption middle school students receive the top quality education expected in Fairfield County with the small class size and individualized attention that only we can provide.  Every student has a personal relationship with each of their teachers and the teachers have a vested and personal interest in seeing them succeed.